I am an experienced licensing, branding, and marketing professional with 17 years of experience in the golf industry, coupled with 25 years of experience in allied leisure product industries. My varied background has me uniquely qualified to provide consulting, and innovative expertise that will heighten the traction of your brand’s presence in wholesale and retail golf and lifestyle markets- in the US and abroad.

 My style marries trend-forward ideas with a laser-focused awareness for cost-effectiveness in developing strategies that result in increased market share for brand owners with whom I collaborate.

I have been a pioneer in utilizing licensing; co-branding; and synergistic distribution channel collaborations previously not exploited in golf-a sometimes slow to evolve industry. To reach 80 million players worldwide, fresh thinking and creative ideas are an important prerequisite for a company’s growth. Ultimately, a new channel of revenue emanating from licensing royalties presents a company with tremendously valuable opportunities to grow their business.

I can help your company find manufacturer and retail partners that will capture the energy, sophistication, and style of your brand, and welcome the opportunity to earn a place on your team.


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I can’t say enough about Stan’s incredible contribution to not only the licensing aspect of our business, but to our company as a whole as well. Stan’s insane attention to detail combined with his vast legal experience in contracts and licensing brought an enormous amount of ease to our various deals and projects. Any company would be lucky to have him!
— Richard "Mitch" Mitchell, Co-Founder of Molhimawk Golf Bags
I enjoyed working closely with Stan and developing a strong business relationship. He is a outstanding individual who encompasses all of the attributes to be an effective leader in his field. My Company worked with Stan to develop an outstanding brand licensing plan and had regular communication to develop growth in the category. I am highly impressed with his abilities to lead.
— Steven DiPasquale, Chief Executive Officer, Sourcingpartner, Inc.
Stan Denenberg brought a wealth of experience to Volvik as a leader in the brand licensing arena. Sure enough, he had the contacts, but it was more his vision for opportunities that aligned with what we were doing as a company that really made his worth felt. He lives and breathes the golf industry and will be able to correctly ascertain your place in it and any opportunities that exist for your brand within it.
— Jon Claffey, National Director Sales and Marketing, Volvik, USA.